A Review Of The Loftek LED Portable Work Light

LED Loftek Portable Work Light

Review Summary of the LED Loftek Portable Work Light
Over 55 Amazon customers gave reviews.
Of those, 80% gave 5-star ratings.
It is currently #31 in Work Lights on Amazon
Comes with a 1-year warranty.
It’s a good price.

Full Review

If you take on many projects around the house, then you need a portable work light because there are times where you will be required to work in dark areas, like the attic in your home. Some people even get portable lights to use in their storage units because those usually don’t have any power in them. You don’t want to have to work in the dark, do you? While there are many cool work lights available, we set out to find ones that are not only useful, but light in weight, durable and portable.

Without further ado, we are going to introduce you to LED Loftek Portable Work Light.

Two in One

Yes, this is a portable cordless floodlight and we really like that. However, what really made this portable work light stand out from the crowd would be the fact that is can be a battery-charging power bank as well.

LOFTEK is the company that is the mastermind behind this portable device. It’s made of steel and durable aluminum houses. The adjustable handle/stands are an additional bonus. It has an IP65 dust/waterproof rating and it is energy-efficient.

Two Light Modes

This light has a total of two light modes. There’s a flashing red/blue mode, which is the SOS mode (you would use this during emergencies) and the traditional white floodlight mode. Of course, you’re probably wondering if the light is bright enough and that is perfectly understandable. We can honestly say “yes,” the light is good enough so that you should be able to see in the dark when you’re trying to work in a small area.

Portable Power

You have 15 watt, which is equal to a 60-watt incandescent – all of this is packed into a nice, compact body that is easy to carry around with you while you’re on the go.


The battery that is responsible for powering it is 6,600mAh and it has a 5V/2A charging for mobile devices.

In the Box

When you open the box, you’ll find the actual LED cordless floodlight. Also with this floodlight, you’ll receive a user guide, USB charging cable and the warranty card. Speaking of a warranty, it’s not that bad – it comes with a 12-month guarantee, and an unlimited warranty against manufacturing defects.

Other Reviews

Looking at reviews that are currently posted on Amazon and seeing phrases such as “I love this product” and “I’m happy,” it becomes obvious that people are quite satisfied with the product. In fact, there was a total of 55 people reviewing this product on Amazon at the time of writing this review. Out of a possible 5.0 stars, this light right here received an average 4.4 stars, which is really good for a product (it takes a lot for a product to reach close to 5 stars like this one is doing).


All in all, we believe the LED Loftek Portable Light is a nifty item. In fact, even if you don’t have any use for something like that, it’d make a good gift for the handyman in your life.


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